1200 New Homes to be Built in Central London Courtesy of IKEA

26 April 2012 Categories: News

1200 New Homes to be Built in Central London Courtesy of IKEA

No, you haven’t read that wrong – the Swedish megacompany have now branched out into flat-pack towns with Strand East, a 27 acre mini-town being built close to the 2012 Olympic Park in centralLondon. Already under construction, Strand East will house around 6000 people and will comprise an eclectic mix of houses, apartments, shops and business premises aimed at low-income residents.

The Swedish-style, highly sustainable town will be a no-go area for traffic (except public transport and emergency vehicles) and will boast the lowest rents in the capital city. Of the 1200 houses and apartments, 40% will be what is termed family sized and all will be marketed for rent rather than for sale.

The town will also include a school, nursery and hospital to minimise the need for car-travel, electricity will be provided by its own hydro-electric plant and rubbish will be ‘sucked’ away using a system of underground tunnels!

IKEA are aiming the properties at low-income tenants and hope the town will become as popular as those it has already developed in its home nation ofSweden. The completion date for the town is yet to be revealed but if construction takes as long as some of IKEA’s flat-pack furniture then potential residents could be waiting a while yet.