£40,000 Fine for Landlord Who Breaks the Rules

04 August 2012 Categories: News

£40,000 Fine for Landlord Who Breaks the Rules

Robert Price, a landlord from Leicester, has been fined nearly £40,000 for renting rooms to students even though the property in question breached fire safety regulations and had been served with an order from the Fires Service banning it from being rented. Mr Price was found to be still renting rooms in the property in Condit Street, Leicester, during a return inspection by the fire service.

Following his hearing at Leicester Crown Court, Mr Price was served with a 9 month jail sentence, suspended for one year, and a huge £40,000 fine. If he fails to pay the fine within a four month period he will be forced to serve 6 months in jail in default.

During the hearing the Judge spoke directly to Mr Price saying, “Health and safety should at all times be your highest priority as a property developer. It was not. You put profit for yourself above the safety of the students who were going to live in the accommodation you provided.

“Your conduct fell far below the safety requirements required. You clearly had prior knowledge of the deficiencies not just the day before the students had been in the property for a month.”

The foreman of the development, Craig Derrick, also pleaded guilty to ignoring the prohibition order from the fire service and was ordered to pay £5,015 in fines and costs.