A ‘call’ to all Landlords to help with the Rental Property Crisis

08 March 2012 Categories: News

A ‘call’ to all Landlords to help with the Rental Property Crisis

Rightmove, one of the UK’s biggest sites for private rental properties, recently conducted their latest Consumer Rental Forecast with results that show quite clearly the growing gulf between available rental properties and the number of tenants searching.

Search activity on the site has more than doubled in the last 2 years however the number of properties available to rent has actually decreased by about 10% during the same period. It is thought the huge number of searching tenants stems from the fact that rents are still rising, and as a result many households are finding it difficult to pay the rent on the properties they already lease.

A poll conducted on the Rightmove site shows that 63% of searchers believe rents will continue to rise throughout 2012, and understandably a lot of private tenants are now trying to find cheaper properties to rent.

As a result of the figures shown in the Consumer Rental Forecast, Rightmove’s Director, Miles Shipside has made a light-hearted yet thoughtful appeal to landlords and those who are considering investing in the industry, “Attention investor landlords: now, more than ever, your country needs you! As well as potentially earning a good return on your investment compared to other asset classes, private landlords can help provide a long-term rented roof over a grateful tenant’s head.”
Only time will tell whether the appeal will be heard by the masses…