Beware Michael Kenny, the Serial Non-Payer of Rent

03 November 2012 Categories: News

Beware Michael Kenny, the Serial Non-Payer of Rent

Letting agents and private landlords across the country are being warned about a serial non-payer of rent by the name of Michael Kenny. Mr Kenny’s present location is Merseyside where he is currently facing legal action to evict him from a property in St Helens that he managed to rent from Bolton-based letting agent Simply Residential.

Before moving to Merseyside, Mr Kenny was evicted from a property in Bradford after running up £10,000 worth of rent arrears and legal fees. In order to try and stave off the eviction order he produced a letter he claimed was from Marie Curie Cancer Care stating that he suffered from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This letter was later found to be a forgery and a possession order was granted, but when letting agent Ian Hind from Whitegates went to the property to check on the condition, Mr Kenny was still in residence and later filed an assault charge against Mr Hind.

Unfortunately rent arrears are becoming more common as tenants struggle to keep up with rent payments but it seems Mr Michael Kenny has a number of avenues available to him that allow him to successfully apply for private rental properties even though he has no intention of ever paying rent.

So readers, now you know his name, keep it in mind and spread it around.