Best Buy To Let Mortgage Deals & How To Find Them

Today, the best buy to let mortgages are offered by most banks and building societies but this doesn’t mean to say that every buy to let mortgage product is as attractive as the next. To get the best buy to let deals you need to shop around and this means going further than your local high street.

 What Not To Do

You will rarely find the best buy to let deals by going directly to your own bank or building society. The deals offered on the high street are in no way the best ones available and even phoning the buy to let specialist at your local bank or building society will probably get you a better deal.  

Yes it will save you numerous hours of searching by asking your bank for their best buy to let deals but you’ll end up paying considerably more in the form of interest and fees over the long term.

What You Should Do

 The easiest way to find the best buy to let deals on the market is to consult a professional buy to let mortgage broker. By doing this all the hard work is done for you and you may be privy to mortgage deals that aren’t available on the open market; mortgage deals that are by far the best buy to let deals available.

First time property investors often think that by consulting a mortgage broker they are required to use their services when arranging their mortgage but this isn’t the case. You can ask a mortgage broker for advice without the need to pay them, and in fact you only pay a mortgage broker’s fees when they arrange and complete your mortgage for you.

If you don’t want to pay mortgage broker fees you can always search the mortgage market yourself with the help of internet comparison sites. By using this method you will undoubtedly find the best buy to let deals available at the time and to the general public. These sites can be quite difficult to use though, simply because there are so many variables to consider when arranging a mortgage e.g. arrangement fees, interest rates, deposit requirements, early redemption penalties etc. You need to take everything into account before making an application.  

The Next Step

 If you’re currently in the market for the best buy to let deals it is worth making an appointment with a dedicated buy to let mortgage broker. They will help you to find the ideal mortgage for your needs, and until you instruct them to go ahead with the application you won’t owe them a penny.