Cannabis Growers turn to Rental Properties in order to avoid Detection

28 February 2012 Categories: News

Cannabis Growers turn to Rental Properties in order to avoid Detection

An increasing number of buy to let landlords around the UK are waking up to the fact that their properties are being used to cultivate the illegal drug, cannabis. Gone are the days when cannabis growers cultivated their crops ‘in their own backyards’, for today it seems they prefer to rent run-of-the-mill suburban properties instead; obviously in an attempt to avoid police detection.

Hundreds of these small scale cannabis farms are detected and seized every month in the UK, many of which are overseen by illegal immigrants working to pay off the debt they incurred being smuggled into the UK.  When the paper trails are followed they often lead to aliases and non-existent people, and in some cases the primary tenant named on the agreement uses an identity that turns out to be stolen.

The rental properties that are predominantly targeted are those let by private landlords who are willing to accept up-front payments in cash rather than run a credit check. Of course not every potential tenant who doesn’t want a credit check to be performed is going to turn out to be a drugs baron, but with the number of cases increasing by the week there is a small possibility.

To ensure you don’t fall foul of cannabis growers make sure you run a credit check and tenant history on all potential tenants, and especially those wanting to pay several months in advance in cash. You might also want to add a clause to your standard tenancy agreement that gives you the right to visit the property whenever you want given a specified period of notice.