A Landlord’s Tales

Meter Bandit

Meter Bandit

NO landlord in their right mind likes the changeover to new tenants. It’s hassle for sure. It’s expensive, time consuming and rather drab and I tend to avoid it like the plague. I’d rather pay the letting agent some cash to sort it for me as I’m not the most patient of people (so my wife keeps telling me!)

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Bengal Tigers - Buy To Let Landlord

Bengal Tiger

About 2 years ago I wanted to rent my home address whilst I was working away in London. I didn’t want to leave the place empty as we live in quite an isolated location and the cost of keeping a large property, even whilst empty is quite considerable.

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Better The Devil You Know

Okay, this is quite a tale; it was a little bit weird and certainly one that neither I nor my wife will ever forget – still gives me the creeps thinking about it now!

Before I start, you might want to get a cup of coffee and settle in for this one!

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

I’ve made this mistake not once but at least three times over the course of the last 10 years in my property investment ‘career’. It’s easy to do (must be if I did it).

When I first started looking at property I always viewed it from a vey inspirational view point. I wanted the biggest and the best.

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Dick Turpin Wore A Mask!

My experience with letting agents has been somewhat mixed.

Some agents are brilliant, whilst others…. not so much.

In Manchester, where the majority of my portfolio is based, I have tried probably fifteen different letting agents and have ended up with one really good company who find me tenants fast and pay me what I’m owed on time, every time.

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No Sign Of Jeremy Kyle, but A ‘Loose Woman’ Maybe?

Property hasn’t always been plain sailing for me…I‘ve made more mistakes than I can remember or for that matter, would want to remember!

I began investing in 2001 and bought buy lots of property in my hometown,Manchester.

Life was good, mortgages were freely available and my property portfolio soon reached 30 properties in less than 18 months – heady times indeed!!

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Peking Ducks

As I mentioned in one of my earlier tales, I have a particular investment property located in the “ChinaTown” district of Manchester city centre. I have two properties in the same block, both bought at the same time, for roughly the same price, but one property has always has been jinxed.

(SeePekingDucks) and you’ll get the picture.

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Smooth Operator - Buy To Let Landlord

Smooth Operator

When I first became a landlord, my inexperience was apparent and I made some pretty poor judgement calls.

I managed a couple of the first properties I bought myself by putting an ad in the local paper and had a stream of people interested in viewing the property. After a very brief telephone interview I shortlisted prospective tenants and arranged times for them to view.

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There’s No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

I think any landlord who has got a few properties under his or her belt has committed the cardinal sin of renting out a property to a friend or an acquaintance AND NOT going through the correct credit checks and procedures.

If you haven’t fallen foul of this situation, then read this tale and heed my warning.

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