Bengal Tiger

About 2 years ago I wanted to rent my home address whilst I was working away in London. I didn’t want to leave the place empty as we live in quite an isolated location and the cost of keeping a large property, even whilst empty is quite considerable.

I put the property up for rental with a couple of agents, and within a couple of weeks, a young couple said they would love to rent it for 12 months. They seemed like ideal tenants and in many respects were.

After about 6 months, I received a text from the tenants asking if it would be okay for them to take care of his sister’s puppy for a couple of weeks whilst she went on holiday. The thought of a puppy wandering round the house, whilst adorable to many – myself included [who count our Jack Russell, black cat and two horses amongst my best friends) but a puppy that wasn’t house trained in a place with cream carpets – that wasn’t something I’d agree to without a fight.

I explained my position and politely apologised. The tenant happily accepted my decision, and I heard nothing more.

Fast forward to about a month before they were about to vacate the property.

We were visiting my next door neighbour and just by chance saw a kitten looking out of our kitchen window. I immediately sent the tenant a text and he apologised saying it was only there for the day and that he was getting the house professionally cleaned before he left.

I thought nothing more of it, but then after we moved back into the property, we discovered our feline friend had indeed been a pet, not a favour for the day.

There were several clues ( I didn’t exactly have to be Columbo to work it out)

  1. A pink cat basket hidden in the cupboard
  2. The cat flap had been unblocked
  3. There were numerous cat bowls in the outhouses

Although there was no real damage to the property, (don’t worry my cream carpets remained intact) my curtains did have a few plucks in them.

Our neighbour further up the road said our tenants were a “Delightful young couple with a beautifulBengaltiger kitten” even the BT engineer who came to reinstate the phone lines said that it was a real ‘cutie’.

Lesson Learned:

Carry out regular inspections of your property (which I didn’t). Although no real damage was done it was the fact he had done this in our “HOME” – something we had not even allowed our own beloved menagerie to do!


The Buy To Let Landlord