The Beermat Entrepreneur [Second Edition] by Mike Southon and Chris West

This isn’t your typical read for a property investor, BUT it’s a great book, especially if you’re seriously considering joint ventures or are planning to attempt the securing of private funding from other investors.

Mike Southon & Chris West co-wrote the book. Mike is a serial entrepreneur and Chris is a journalist.

Mike’s background is in building successful businesses and he’s also been involved in several start up companies, where he’s helped with sales and marketing as well as securing funding from venture capitalists.

The book is great for budding entrepreneurs (and property investors alike). It introduces you to the types of people that you will need around you during the different stages of your businesses growth. The real benefit is that it’s a book based on the authors’ real life experiences and challenges – not just some self help title based on unsubstantiated theories.

Mike details his experiences; from his first business meeting in a pub where he set up a company, that five years later had 150 employees and was being prepared for sale.

The book also details and describes the actions that entrepreneurs should consider, along with the type of people that should be brought into the team in the 3 stages of the business’ growth

Stage One- The Seedling enterprise

Stage Two – The Sapling enterprise

Stage Three – The Mighty Oak

Property Investing can be a pretty lonely business. Often landlords can feel isolated so the book helps shed a light on how to take the business to the next level and more importantly how the business owner should be thinking about their business and the way they portray it to the outside world.

It’s packed full of excellent insights, tips and exercises you should adopt into your business immediately.

The book can be read quickly – its no more than 150 pages and could be read in a couple of hours if you’re

The Beermat Entrepreneur is highly recommended, and  at 192 pages, it’s not a daunting task to read;  a keen reader will finish it in a few hours.

Author : Mike Southon and Chris West

Content: 192 pages

ISBN Number(s): ISBN-10: 0273704540/  ISBN-13: 978-0273704546

Published : 2nd Edition – October 2005