Think & Grow Rich [The Original Version, Restored and Revised] by Napoleon Hill

This book has to be the ‘ ‘Classic of All Classics’ and probably one of the greatest books on self improvement and personal development ever written. Probably one of the most famous quotes from the author is “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

The book was originally published around 75 years ago and was a real success almost overnight. The ideas behind Think & Grow Rich (T&GR) are probably some of the foundations of the early ‘personal success’ and ‘positive mental attitude’ movements that have since become commonplace.

It has been noted that virtually EVERY personal success product produced since T & GR was first published owes its success and foundations to this book.

I would suggest that you scan the book first, to enable yourself to get an overview of its contents.

Then I’d suggest reading it chapter by chapter, making notes or mind maps of each chapter [the content is golden].

The book is based on Hills interviews with over 500 exceedingly wealthy people at the time. The quest to find this knowledge spanned over 20 years and was almost a challenge given to Hill by Carnegie.

The book covers stories of people who have applied the “secret” and how their fortunes prospered these names include:

Henry Ford

Thomas A Eddison

Theodore Roosevelt

Charles M Schwab

John D Rockefeller

F.W. Woolworth

Many of the people studied had little or no formal education but became some of the most successful people of their time and even 75 years later these names are still well remembered.

It’s a fantastic read, well worth making notes over and more importantly applying some of the knowledge in our own lives

The upside of this book is that it has some fantastic insights that are very well written, the downside is that sometimes the wording, depending on which version you have can seem a little old-fashioned, but don’t let this put you off.

Author : Napoleon Hill

Content: 416 pages

ISBN Number(s): ISBN-10: 1593302002 /  ISBN-13: 978-1593302009

Published : Oct 2004