Deposit Scheme’s Attempt to help end Formal Disputes

03 February 2012 Categories: News

Mydeposits, one of the UK’s recognised tenancy deposit schemes, has released an online information checklist aimed at helping landlords and letting agents avoid formal disputes over the retention of tenant deposits.

The checklist outlines the various paperwork that should be put in place and kept by landlords and letting agents before, during and after the end of the tenancy. This includes information on tenancy agreements, property inventories, check-in and check-out reports and methods of recording rent payments. The aim of the checklist is to enable landlords to have all the necessary evidence they will require should a deposit dispute go to court.

Chief executive of mydeposits, Eddie Hooker said, “Landlords and agents should remember that the deposit is always the tenant’s money, and if they wish to withhold any of it for cleaning or unpaid rent, then they must provide evidence of this. By following the checklist, landlords will ensure they have this evidence and aren’t losing any disputes unnecessarily.”  

It is hoped that the other main tenancy deposit schemes in the UK will follow suit so that the number of disputes reported each year will drop. Tenancy deposit dispute cases have been seen to rise over the last 12 months because tenants often require their full deposit back in order to secure a property elsewhere.