Flat Share on the rise as solo renters struggle to find suitable properties

11 May 2012 Categories: News

Flat Share on the rise as solo renters struggle to find suitable properties

According to a recent set of figures released by the Office of National Statistics, nearly 30% of households in theUKare now single person households, however potential solo renters are increasingly being forced into flat shares because many of the suitable properties are being snapped up by couples looking to save money.

William Jordan of residential letting agents,Jordan’s, recently commented that more people than ever are enquiring about properties for single occupants, but many have to face the reality that the properties they seek have already been let to couples with duel incomes.

MrJordan, managing director of the company said; “People looking to rent on their own have a real fight on their hands. They are often competing for the same one bedroom properties that couples with double incomes are. Couples are sharing a room but pooling the cost which means they can afford to pay more, pushing the rental cost up and pushing those looking to rent on their own out of the market. Some properties are clearly designed for one, they are tiny, but couples who can afford to be paying greater rent are squeezing into them. They can get a really good deal this way.”

Jonathon Moore, director of Easyroommate.co.uk has also noticed an increase in the number of people looking to flat share, as they experienced record numbers of enquiries during the first quarter of this year.