Flatshare Rental Prices On the Increase As Students Enter PRS

16 July 2012 Categories: News

Flatshare Rental Prices On the Increase As Students Enter PRS

According to recent figures released by Easyroommate, the online flatshare portal, the cost of flatsharing has increased for the second month in a row, making the average flatshare rent now £375 per month. This price shows a 2% increase year on year, and is great news for landlords and buy-to-let investors.

The increase in the average flatshare price seen over the last two months has been largely attributed to the graduating student population who are now in the process of leaving university and making their way into employment. With one-bedroom rents at an all-time high, thousands of students are choosing to share with others in a similar situation, but because demand is still outweighing supply landlords are at present able to put prices up without experiencing void periods.

Jonathan Moore, director of Easyroommate, commented on the summer rental increases, saying “Rents tend to remain consistent at the beginning of the year, as tenants do not tend to relocate during this period.

“However the summer months are typically when we experience an increase in the number of users registering on the site and this more often than not results in an increase in rental asking prices as demand outstrips supply and landlords look for a way to cash in.”