Forceful Eviction Leads to Prison Sentence for Landlord

09 October 2012 Categories: News

Forceful Eviction Leads to Prison Sentence for Landlord

A Sheffield landlord has been imprisoned for nine months after forcefully evicting one of his tenants. Jay Allen, who owns seven rental properties in the Sheffield area, recruited a friend, Razwan Mohammed, to physically evict tenant Chris Blades after he ran up £900 in rent arrears. Mr Blades was not even given time to put his shoes on before being evicted onto the street.

Allen was not in possession of a court order and had not even started proceedings to acquire one, but when Mr Blades pointed out the fact that the eviction was unlawful, Allen allegedly responded with the words “do I look like I care?”

When making his ruling, Judge Roger Keen QC said that Allen, who has previous convictions for assault, had attempted to ‘dominate and frighten’ his tenant while knowing full well that the eviction was illegal. As a result Mr Allen was jailed for nine months.

Mr Mohammed, Allen’s friend who helped to forcefully evict Mr Blades, was given a six month jail sentence suspended for a year, and a seven-day tagged curfew from 7pm to 6am.

It is unknown whether Mr Blades remains a tenant in the property or whether he has since moved on.