Labour Councillors say London Private Rental Sector is ‘Out of Control’

05 November 2012 Categories: News

Labour Councillors say London Private Rental Sector is ‘Out of Control’

Labour councillor for Westminster, Paul Dimoldenberg, has launched a personal crusade against the ever-increasing rents of the private rental sector in the Capital City. Using statistics provided by homelessness charity, Shelter, the councillor has stated that the average rent in Westminster now accounts for 56% of the average income, while rents in London as a whole account for just over 40% of earnings.

Councillor Dimoldenberg also commented that Westminster now has the third highest average rent in the capital, with a 2-bedroom apartment coming in at around £600 per week. As a result the labour councillors are calling for a London ‘living rent’ scheme and a landlord registration scheme to be put in place as a protection measure for tenants.

“The private rented sector is now completely out of control, with rents and charges increasing every month” said Councillor Dimoldenberg.

“There is a real danger that, with demand rising and the supply of new accommodation running dry, more and more people with decent jobs will be priced out of Westminster or forced to pay more and more of their wages on rent and agents’ charges just to get a roof over their heads.

“The continuing (and growing) shortage of genuinely affordable homes increases the opportunities for private landlords to exploit those needing accommodation. This is no way to run a capital city and will lead to misery for thousands, as well as damage London’s economy as many essential workers will simply be priced out of central London.”