Landlord Fined £6000 for his ‘House of Squalor’

20 April 2012 Categories: News

Landlord Fined £6000 for his ‘House of Squalor’

Hassan Akhtar Niazi, the landlord of a house in Balham, London was fined more than £6000 last week for allowing an incredible 15 people to live in a single residency with unsanitary conditions. The charges laid against Niazi by Wandsworth Council included:

• Failure to licence a House of Multiple Occupancy

• Failure to supply fire alarms, fire doors and fire fighting equipment

• Failure to inform occupants about the details of the tenancy

• Failure to supply adequate waste disposal facilities

The property was inspected after a call from the UK Border Force about Mr Niazi’s immigration status. Environmental health officers along with officers from the council and members of the police force entered the property only to find around 15 people living in the house. According to reports both the kitchen and the bathroom were deigned unsanitary while the communal stairway was littered with clothing, shoes, items of furniture and refuse.

At his interview Mr Niazi answered ‘no comment’ to every question and was eventually fined a total of £6623 for breaches of the Housing Act, court costs and damages.

Since the verdict various members of ARLA have commented that the amount Mr Niazi was fined was simply not enough, and that such light punishments are in no way a deterrent for other cowboy landlords. Others said that Niazi should have been handed a custodial sentence as he did, in many ways, breach the human rights of his tenants.

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  1. David 21 April 2012 at 6:49 am (PERMALINK)

    Worth remembering the fine is not necessarily the end of the matter as each of the tenants can apply for a Rent Repayment Order to recover up to 12 months rent! Some local authorities are also making applications under the Proceeds of Crime legislation to recover any rents paid whilst breaking the law.

    As a result fine is often just the start of the financial penalties!