Landlords now given the option of keeping EPC data confidential

28 April 2012 Categories: News

Landlords now given the option of keeping EPC data confidential

The announcement a few weeks ago that all EPC data would be made publicly available to anyone who felt the need to search for it has been replaced by a very quiet announcement this week to the contrary. It seems that the Communities & Local Government Department have made an unprecedented U-turn by giving landlords the option to keep the information on their EPCs off the public register.

Strangely though this new option has been kept very quiet, with many members of theInstituteofDomestic Energy Assessorsnot even being aware of it until now. “They’ve sneaked it in under the radar” says Mike Crompton, corporate communications officer at IDEA, “the reason being that they don’t want anyone to know about it. But people should. Why should they be inundated with calls from double-glazing firms just because they’ve put their house on the rental market?”

The decision to allow landlords and property owners to opt out of the public register doesn’t mean they can keep the details of their EPC completely private though. All data from an EPC still has to be attached to sales and rental particulars about a property, and this includes any particulars advertised online.

All members of IDEA are being advised to inform their clients that they do now have the option to opt out of the public register.