Landlords Warned Winter Weather Could Mean Big Bills

20 November 2012 Categories: News

Landlords Warned Winter Weather Could Mean Big Bills

The National Landlords Association has issued a warning to all landlords to be prepared for bad weather and freezing temperatures over the next few months. Even during a mild winter, thousands of pounds worth of damage can easily be done to a rental property, and in the vast majority of cases it is the landlord that foots the repair bill.

Last year, one third of all insurance claims that related to rental properties were for damage caused by freezing, with one claim topping £40,000. Unfortunately a lot of normal household insurance policies fail to cover such eventualities in rental properties, and so it is vital that any rental properties owned have both adequate insurance and the right type of insurance.

Chairman of the National Landlords Association, David Salusbury, commented, “Last winter was relatively mild compared to previous years so it’s important that landlords and their tenants aren’t complacent and take action to mitigate any risk of damage to the property. Importantly, landlords should be aware that most normal home insurance policies do not provide cover in the event of damage in all circumstances. Having the correct residential property insurance is vital”.

Tenants are also being warned to watch for signs of weather damage so that their landlords can rectify the problem before it gets too costly.