Let to buy landlords boost private rental sector availability

07 May 2012 Categories: News

Let to buy landlords boost private rental sector availability

Homeowners who are struggling to sell their property but have a desperate need to relocate are starting to see the benefits of let to buy – a process that allows you to let your current property and use the rental income to help secure a mortgage on a second property.

Until recently though many of the people who travelled down this path were happy to sell as the market improved, but new data suggests that more and more ‘accidental’ landlords are now choosing to retain their primary property as a rental property, so beginning their own investment portfolio.

Thankfully the new phenomenon of let to buy is also having a positive effect on the availability crisis currently influencing the private rental sector. More quality properties are becoming available but how long this remains the case is solely dependent on the housing market in terms of selling.

Experts from buytoletlandlordsolutions.com are warning potential let to buy investors that the life of a landlord is not as simple and straightforward as it may sound. There are many legalities that go hand in hand with letting properties and these need to be adhered to at all costs. For this reason anyone thinking of going down this route should research the ins and outs thoroughly before making their final decision.