LHA Claimants Face Worrying Times As Landlords Refuse Tenancies

24 June 2012 Categories: News

LHA Claimants Face Worrying Times As Landlords Refuse Tenancies

A report commissioned by the Government and compiled by the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University has shown that over one third of the landlords interviewed are already actively refraining from accepting LHA tenants or are considering the option for the future. This change in perspective has developed since the government capped LHA payments during 2011, meaning that many claimants are no longer able to claim their entire rental amount.

Of the 1867 landlords who completed the survey, 33% admitted to having severe reservations about the reliability of LHA tenants, and as a result they were either planning to or considering no longer accepting claimants as tenants. A similar number (36%) also admitted that they were currently experiencing rental arrears from LHA tenants because of the changes to payment levels made last year, while 29% had already gone through the process of either evicting tenants or refusing to renew tenancies when they came to an end.

Strangely though the Welfare Reform Minister, Lord David Freud, doesn’t see the results of the report as worrying, and recently commented’ “The research gives us an early insight into what is really happening, and it shows that the many scare stories about the effects of housing benefit reform are simply not materialising.”

Not sure which report he was reading….