Lib Dem Party Conference to Focus on Private Rental Sector

30 August 2012 Categories: News

Lib Dem Party Conference to Focus on Private Rental Sector

The Lib Dem Party Conference, due to be held on 26 September, is set to focus on issues within the private rental sector, including blanket-wide licensing of landlords and the problems of increasing rents. Members of the party who attend the conference will primarily discuss the ‘Decent Homes for All’ motion which looks at various worrying aspects of the private rental sector.

More specifically it is thought the motion calls for things like:

  • more new housing to be built, so relieving the pressure on the current sector and lowering rents to a more affordable level ,
  • more protection for private rental sector tenants,
  • the option for tenants to seek advice from a dedicated housing ombudsman,
  • the licensing of all private landlords and letting agents throughout England and Wales

The licensing of landlords and letting agents is a hotly debated topic in numerous circles at present, but so far only a few local authorities have taken the step to implement mandatory licensing of HMO landlords.

Those who attend the conference will be given the opportunity to debate the merits of a national licensing scheme and whether landlords should be licensed via a national register, or whether local authorities should be given the power to license local landlords using their own criteria.