Live-in landlords help to solve the PRS supply and demand problem

19 March 2012 Categories: News

Live-in landlords help to solve the PRS supply and demand problem

It’s a well-known fact that within the private rental sector there are currently more tenants looking for properties than there are properties available, and ultimately this deficit has led to the on-going rise in rental asking prices. It seems though that this problem may be lessened during 2012 as more and more homeowners take in lodgers and become live-in landlords.

According to figures released by Easyroommate, one of the UK’s biggest flatshare websites, the number of homeowners who have successfully used the site to let out their spare rooms and set themselves up as live-in landlords has risen by nearly 20% over the last 6 months. It has also been reported that nearly 35% of rooms on the site at present are to rent in properties where there is a live-in landlord.

When asked about the new trend director of, Jonathan Moore, said; “With the vast number of UK homeowners looking to boost their incomes during the recession, a growing number are waking up to the income trapped in their spare rooms. This is also compounded by the vast majority of people reluctant to downsize due to the loss of equity in their homes.”

Whether this new trend of being a live-in landlord will have a negative impact on buy to let landlords remains to be seen, but for now it is helping to alleviate the financial problems faced by homeowners and renters alike.