London Council Fined for Out of Date Gas Certificates

20 July 2012 Categories: News

London Council Fined for Out of Date Gas Certificates

A London council has been fined nearly £100,000 for out of date gas safety certificates in a number of their social housing properties, proving that the law applies to all landlords and not just those in the private rental sector. The out of date certificates were only noticed following a complaint from the tenants of a council-run HMO for the homeless, but after further investigation it became clear that 23 properties were in fact affected.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council admitted 23 violations of the Gas Safety Law at Westminster Magistrates Court – nine of which were bought against them while a further 14 were asked to be taken into consideration. The council was then ordered to pay £83,600 in fines and just over £15,500 in court costs.

Nicola Maisuria, a Health & Safety Executive Inspector commented on the proceedings saying, “As a landlord, the Hammersmith and Fulham Council is legally responsible for the safety of its tenants in relation to gas safety.

“In failing to carry out the required annual gas safety checks on appliances in its properties, and maintain records of each safety check, the authority could have exposed tenants to additional potential risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. The council has now instigated a new monitoring and control regime to improve safety and to meet its legal obligations as a landlord.”