London Landlords Benefit More By Renting During the Summer Months

01 July 2012 Categories: News

London Landlords Benefit More By Renting During the Summer Months

Robert Nichols, director of Edmund Cude, one ofLondon’s oldest letting agencies, recently made a startling discovery after analysing the firm’s records for the last few years. It seems thatLondonlandlords who begin new tenancies in August or September achieve much better yields than those whose tenancies begin during the winter months of December and January. And this trend does seem to be an annual occurrence.

According to Mr Nichols properties that are advertised as available during the summer months achieve an average 11% more in terms of rent than they would if advertised during December. Mr Nichols puts the higher rental yields of summer down to an increased demand from graduating students and new students who are looking for their first shared property.

When asked about the potential benefits the seasonal variation could provide London landlords Mr Nichols said “An 11 per cent higher rent should not be ignored by the capital’s landlords. By having a well-placed break clause in a tenancy agreement, landlords are able to re-synchronise tenancies. Ultimately landlords need to think about how they can benefit from better organised tenancies which start in the summer when demand peaks.”

Presently the averageLondonrent is at an all-time high of £1038, far in excess of the rest of the UK which stands at £712.