London Landlords Set To See Changes in 2012

22 December 2011 Categories: News

London Landlords Set To See Changes in 2012

A report released by the all-party housing and planning committee of the London Assembly has called for landlord accreditation, government incentives and longer tenancies after it found that over a third of all privately rented stock in the capital was below an acceptable standard. The report also stated that an estimated one in three private landlords operating within the capital could be classed as ‘rogue’ landlords.

With the London mayoral elections set for 2012, the committee is calling for the mayor’s office to introduce a landlord accreditation scheme that establishes a minimum set of standards for privately rented homes. The report also calls for letting agents to disregard properties of a substandard nature and for councils to check where they are placing their vulnerable tenants.

Along with landlord accreditation, the report, entitled ‘Bleak House – Improving London’s Private Rented Housing’ also calls for longer tenancies; a call that could have a major impact on the private rental sector as we know it. According to the report assured shorthold tenancies don’t give tenants enough security of tenure, and the threat of eviction with just two months notice is unfair to families who wish to settle in a home for the long-term.

The writers of the report are urging the Major to lobby the Government on this point, saying that “Families need certainty about where they will be living so that they can settle their children in schools and forge community links. In exchange for the hundreds of millions of pounds of public money they are receiving, private landlords must be compelled to provide certainty in the form of longer tenancies.” 

Whether these changes will in fact take place remains to be seen.