Mandatory Licensing Of Letting Agents May Now Be On The Cards

14 September 2012 Categories: News

Mandatory Licensing Of Letting Agents May Now Be On The Cards

The recent government reshuffle saw the appointment of a new housing minister in Mark Prisk and it is hoped by those lobbying for the blanket licensing of letting agents that he will be slightly more amenable to their cause than the former minister Grant Shapps.

Why? Because as it turns out Mr Prisk first tried to introduce mandatory licensing for letting agents into a Bill back in 2007, and it is thought his views on the subject remain the same now. With his support therefore, the licensing scheme is certainly one step closer to becoming a reality, although it’s still by no means a certainty.

The news of Mr Prisk’s apparent allegiance to the idea of mandatory licensing for the letting agent industry became widely known yesterday after a House of Commons debate on housing. Labour MP Ian Mearns, speaking to shadow housing minister Jack Dromey, is reported to have said “Is my Hon. Friend aware that he has an ally in the new minister for housing on the regulation of the private sector? In 2007, he tried to introduce a clause into a Bill that would have regulated private letting agents.”

Dromey replied: “It is welcome that the new minister for housing has taken that position. Perhaps he will follow that through in government.”

Whether this proves to be the case though remains to be seen.