Middlesex Police crackdown on ‘Beds in Sheds’ Landlords

07 August 2012 Categories: News

Middlesex Police crackdown on ‘Beds in Sheds’ Landlords

Landlord, Harnek Singh Brar, from Hayes in Middlesex was successfully prosecuted last week for illegally converting a family home and its garage into private rooms which he then rented to desperate tenants. Mr Singh Brar was ordered to pay over £14,000 in fines and costs after subdividing the main residence without planning permission and turning the attached garage into two ‘beds in sheds’.

He was also ordered to return the property back to its original condition as a single home or face further court action.

The successful outcome of the ‘beds in sheds’ case was the second for Hillingdon Council as the number of unscrupulous landlords in the area grows. With rents at an all-time high thousands of tenants in Middlesex and the nearby southern counties are struggling to find affordable housing and unfortunately some rogue landlords are cashing in on their dilemma.

Cabinet member for planning, Councillor Keith Burrows, said “I am glad to see the courts taking this seriously and issuing some hefty fines. I hope this acts as a warning and deterrent to others.

“We have a dedicated team to tackle this issue and we will continue to take action against those people who think they can flout the law.”