Ministers take part in Dawn Raids to Uncover Rogue Landlords

06 September 2012 Categories: News

Ministers take part in Dawn Raids to Uncover Rogue Landlords

Housing minister, Grant Shapps and Immigration minister Damian Green took part in dawn raids earlier this week in an attempt to uncover ‘beds in sheds’ properties owned by rogue landlords. The government officials accompanied members of the UK Border Agency and Ealing Borough Council as they swooped on six properties in the Ealing area, and saw first-hand the squalid conditions that tenants are regularly paying hundreds of pounds per week to live in.

The six properties that were under scrutiny produced a total of 39 ‘tenants’, 22 of which turned out to be illegally in the country. One couple and their child were ordered to report to a reporting centre while the remaining 19 were detained by the UK Border Agency.

Following the raids, Shapps commented, “It’s simply unacceptable that people are living in squalid, unsafe accommodation provided by landlords more interested in a quick profit rather than their basic responsibilities.

“The actions of these rogue landlords are helping fuel illegal working and benefit fraud and creates a shadow housing market that carries dangers to people’s health as well as community relations.”

Mr Green went on to say, “Operations like this show our determination to do whatever is necessary, working alongside local authorities and police, to enforce our laws against those who are in the UK illegally.”