Mydeposits bring tenancy deposit dispute process down to earth

02 May 2012 Categories: News

Mydeposits bring tenancy deposit dispute process down to earth

The tenancy deposit protection scheme provided by the National Landlords Association, Mydeposits, has recently added a number of adjudication case studies to their website in an attempt to help landlords and letting agents understand the ins and outs of dispute cases. Even though only 1% of Mydeposits’ cases end in dispute, the company feels it is vital that landlords can see exactly what the adjudication process involves and how decisions are made.

The cases included on the site cover a range of potential issues, including garden maintenance, damage through accidental water leaks and re-letting fees, and it is thought the archive of case studies will be added to on a monthly basis.

When asked why he had taken the decision to add the case studies to the website Eddie Hooker, Chief Executive of Mydeposits said; “Often landlords and letting agents who are facing a dispute with a tenant aren’t sure of the process adjudicators go through to reach their decision. These online case studies will lift the lid on the adjudication process and will provide detailed reasoning on how the adjudicators reach their decisions.”

He then went on to say; “The law clearly states that the deposit remains the tenant’s money and that they are entitled to get it back at the end of their tenancy provided they have met the terms of the tenancy agreement. The onus therefore lies with the landlord or agent to provide evidence to the contrary.”

The case studies can be found on the Mydeposits website.