New Electrical Safety Guide From The ESC For Buy to Let Landlords

28 November 2012 Categories: News

New Electrical Safety Guide From The ESC For Buy to Let Landlords

The Electrical Safety Council has released a shortened version of their more detailed electrical safety guides in the hope that more landlords and property managers will take electrical safety in their properties more seriously. Every landlord knows that gas safety in a rented property is a legal requirement, but few realise that all electrical equipment present in a property during a tenancy also needs to be properly tested.

The new guide covers the legal requirements in England,Scotland and Wales along with information about the types of electrical checks available and the certification you should expect to receive. The ESC is hoping to cut down on the 20,000+ home fires that occur each year as a result of electrical faults.

Phil Buckle, director general of ESC said, “We produced detailed landlords’ guides covering England,Scotland and Wales a few years ago, which were very well received. We felt that an abridged form of the guidance would be particularly helpful, allowing landlords to find the information they need quickly and easily and with signposts to more detailed information, should they need it. However, we hope that electrical contractors, property managers and estate agents, as well as landlords and tenants, will find this a useful source of information”.

The guide is available for download from