New EPC Rules are Making Their Presence Felt

17 April 2012 Categories: News

New EPC Rules are Making Their Presence Felt

April 6th 2012 saw many changes for buy to let landlords and the new rules governing the use of energy performance certificates were some of the most important. All properties within the UK have to, by law, have an EPC however the way in which the information on the certificate is presented to prospective tenants has now changed.
The two most important changes with regards to EPCs are as follows:

• Landlords and letting agents now have to produce an up-to-date EPC within 7 days of marketing a rental property. Before the changes they had a full 28 days.

• Tenants asking for details of a rental property need to be supplied with the entire energy efficiency report. It is now no longer acceptable just to provide the bar graph on the first page of the report.

The changes have been made in the hope that tenants will be able to make better informed choices regarding the properties they rent. National Landlord Association chairman David Salusbury commented; “EPCs give tenants vital information about the energy efficiency of their property and also contain an estimate of their utility bills.”
Full EPC reports cost around £50 to compile and need to be up-dated annually or following energy efficiency improvement work.