New Property Portal hopes to help Housing Benefit Claimants

17 September 2012 Categories: News

New Property Portal hopes to help Housing Benefit Claimants

A new property portal has launched that hopes to connect housing benefit claimants with letting agents and private landlords willing to consider them for a private rental property. At present, a large percentage of benefit claimants struggle to find suitable properties in the areas they look at because landlords worry about their reliability with regards to passing on their local housing allowance payments. is thought to be the first website of its kind and currently lists a number of letting agencies that are happy to work with benefit claimants to get them a suitable property. Admittedly the website is still in its infancy though and landlords/letting agents from a lot of the larger cities are still to sign up.

Website founder, Aki Ellahi, said about his new venture, “No other property site offers what we do. We recognised the many difficulties faced by people on housing benefit when it came to finding a new home, with many private landlords just saying no to DSS.

“But through Dssmove, there is now an extensive network of landlords that are most certainly saying yes, and it’s an easy way for tenants to get in touch and find a suitable property.”

Mr Ellahi is urging more landlords to register with the website, and is offering a free registration incentive for a limited time.