Newham Council cause Uproar with New Licencing Measures

04 July 2012 Categories: News

Newham Council cause Uproar with New Licencing Measures

The announcement last week that London’s Newham Borough Council is intending to impose a blanket-wide licencing scheme for private rented properties has caused the National Landlords Association to express their disappointment in the actions of the council, saying that such a measure is not only unjust but could lead to many other councils following suit.

Newham council has made the decision to use new licencing powers to licence all 35,000 private properties in the borough in an attempt to weed out the large number of rogue landlords apparently operating within their boundaries. But David Salusbury, chairman of the NLA has called the action disappointing.

When asked about his thoughts regarding the plans of Newham council, Mr Salusbury commented, “The NLA realises that there are significant issues present in Newham, which the council is right to want to address. But selective licensing of landlords is designed to address distinct problems relating to housing management by targeting specific areas. Newham’s blanket approach goes beyond the intention of the legislation and has not gained the support of local landlords.”

He then went on to say, “Newham Council has provided no solid evidence to support their argument that such drastic proposals will have the impact it expects.”

Newham landlords who register before the end of 2012 will receive a discounted licencing fee of £150, however those who decide to wait until the start of 2013 can expect to pay the full fee of £500.