Newham Council isn’t alone in ‘Social Cleansing’ row

10 May 2012 Categories: News

Newham Council isn’t alone in ‘Social Cleansing’ row

After last week’s revelation that Newham Borough Council is currently trying to relocate 500 families, who claim LHA benefit, to other parts of the city and beyond it seems that this particular council isn’t alone in its intentions. A poll conducted by specialist magazine Inside Housing showed that of the 32 London boroughs, twelve are considering moving tenants into private rented accommodation outside the city, seven are definitely not considering the option and the remaining 13 are undecided or unwilling to respond.

The results of the poll have prompted shadow ministers Jack Dromey and Tessa Jowell to write to each council demanding to know whether they intend to rehouse any of their tenants.

Grainia Long, chief executive of the CIH, said on the Today show recently that councils were being forced to relocate families outside the capital city after the caps made to local housing allowance payments made earlier this year. She said; “800,000 homes (around the UK) will now be unavailable to people because of the previous changes made by the Government”.

The CIH also predict that of the 800,000 homes to feel the effects of the LHA cuts, around 40,000 would be within the capital city and so relocations were inevitable.