Online Estate Agent Branches Out In A Bid To Save Landlords Money

13 November 2012 Categories: News

Online Estate Agent Branches Out In A Bid To Save Landlords Money

Essex based online estate agency, eMoov, has branched out into the lettings market with a simple low-cost pricing plan aimed at saving landlords money. According to eMoov founder, Russell Quirk, today’s rental market is overflowing with prospective tenants so finding the right one is a lot easier, and cheaper, than most letting agents make out.

eMoov have entered the market with a £249 + VAT all-in service which landlords pay up-front. This payment covers everything from professional floor plans and photography to tenancy documents and reference checks.  In fact all the landlord has to do is conduct the actual tenant viewings that eMoov arrange as part of the plan.

But their low cost services don’t stop there as landlords also have the option to use eMoov’s property management plan for just £60 per month regardless of rental income.

When asked about his new venture, Russell Quirk, commented, “There is no mystery to letting a property. In this booming rental market, finding tenants really is the easiest job in the world – far easier than finding buyers for homes.

“So why should landlords pay through the nose?

“Lettings agents’ fees have long been a bugbear for landlords, not least because many write in renewal clauses which state that landlords must pay another finder’s fee when the tenant renews their contract, even though the agent has done no more work. In response we’ve come up with a transparent low-cost, one-off fee structure.”