Oxford starts to see the effects of mandatory HMO licensing Rules

19 April 2012 Categories: News

Oxford starts to see the effects of mandatory HMO licensing Rules

Oxford County Council last year unveiled plans to Licence all HMOs within the Oxford area, and as a result all landlords of HMOs had to register their properties by the end of January this year. The results of these plans are now starting to show with over 1000 applications being made to the council within the first three months of the year.

Members of the council have defined a HMO as a residence that houses three or more unrelated tenants, which means the vast majority of student housing in the city will now need a HMO licence.

So far the 1065 applications have seen very few unconditional licences being awarded. Hundreds more have been approved pending improvements to conditions but 88 cases are under investigation and 8 prosecutions have been made against landlords and letting agents. Several more properties are being investigated as they are thought to be unlicensed HMOs.

According to Oxford county council the scheme is working well and conditions within HMOs are improving. It is now thought that other councils around the country will consider following suit, with the London borough of Newham already reporting their intention to licence all private rental properties within their boundary.