Professionals Turn to Sharing in order to Cut Living Costs

23 June 2012 Categories: News

Professionals Turn to Sharing in order to Cut Living Costs

It seems that the days of shared accommodation being exclusively for students are gone as more and more young professionals look to sharing with others just to make ends meet. While this prospect bodes well for landlords, with fewer void periods and maximum rental income, a lot are still turning sharers away because of the bad reputation that students have given the way of living.

According to Townends Estate Agents, part of the Badger Holdings Group, the number of enquiries from professionals in full time employment regarding shared housing has risen dramatically over the first half of this year. Strangely though a number of landlords still refuse to consider sharers, even those in employment, because of the additional wear and tear their properties may experience.

Caroline Kavanagh, managing director of Townends Lettings, said, “The concerns of landlords are understandable but I think those that are more accepting to the changing needs of the marketplace stand to benefit the greatest. The image of sharers should no longer just represent students but reflect a greater likeness of the sort of professional applicants that are enquiring, who from experience, tend to make excellent tenants.”

She then went on to say, “Landlords who are open to renting their property to sharers also make themselves available to a much larger pool of applicants which can also help minimise void periods and maximise rental income.”