Promising PRS Sees Portfolio Sizes Increase

19 June 2012 Categories: News

Promising PRS Sees Portfolio Sizes Increase

Paragon Mortgages, one of the UK’s largest buy to let specialists, recently released the results of their newest Private Rental Sector Trends Survey, and the figures they released show real promise for the buy to let industry. It seems that over the last three months (2nd quarter of 2012) the average number of properties within a landlord’s portfolio has risen to 14.1 – up from 12.9 during the first quarter of the year and 12.5 when compared year-on-year.

This promising news is further bolstered by the fact that over one fifth of the landlords surveyed plan to add to their portfolios by the end of the next quarter; a sure sign that the buy to let industry is still going from strength to strength.

Managing director of Paragon Mortgages, John Heron, commented on the findings saying, “The fact that landlords are planning to make further investments in their property portfolios is positive news. It shows their appetite to grow their business to meet the on-going demands from tenants and demonstrates the viability of the UK’s PRS.”

Mr Heron then went on to say, “Our research shows that landlords are investing further in PRS property and they look set to continue to buy over the coming quarters. Whilst this will not solve the problems around supply it will make a valuable contribution.”