London Property Auctions – How To Find Them

Before the recession hit the UK in the summer of 2007, auction houses in the Capital used to hold their London property auctions maybe two or three times per year. Today however the larger auctioneers hold auctions every two or three months, and when they do they have plenty of properties to sell. Obviously being a London property auction the properties aren’t all residential but the vast majority are and they can often be bought at greatly reduced prices.

Where to look for local auctions

London is a big city and there are hundreds of property auction houses to choose from. Some of the smaller auctioneers will only hold their property auctions when they have enough properties on the books to make them worthwhile, but the bigger outfits will schedule an auction for a specific date because they know they will have adequate property to sell.

The easiest way to find London property auctions in your local area is to check the local newspapers or the niche newspapers/magazines that concentrate on property matters. Most auctioneers will advertise in the local newspaper for a week or two before the auction which is just enough time for you to order an auction catalogue and visit properties of interest.

Alternatively you can Google ‘ property auctions ’ followed by your London borough. This will give you access to the dates of up-coming auctions in your area, if there are any, and if not it will give you the contact details of local auctioneers so you can phone/email them directly. Most auctioneers will happily give you the details of their next property auction and most will have a mailing list that you can join to get the next catalogue when it is released.

Where to look for other London property auctions

Again the niche property newspapers and magazines will list all London property auctions happening over the coming months. Some auctioneers will advertise a sample of the properties being included whereas others will simply say how many properties buyers can expect to see.

A general internet search for London property auctions will also provide you with a starting point. Obviously the top results will relate to the larger auctioneers but if you take the time to search several pages of results you’ll definitely find the details of numerous smaller auctioneers with properties to sell.

By searching the entirety of London you will undoubtedly find many more properties of interest than if you stick to your local area. Of course it will mean travelling to view the properties and if you do buy you’ll have to be a landlord from a distance…or put the property in the hands of a property management firm. The choice available by searching all of London will be huge though, and as you can bid over the phone once registered you don’t even have to endure the nerve-wracking experience of the London property auctions.