Dear Property Doctor,

I’ve always had a good relationship with my letting agent since I first began as a landlord, but I think that they might be overcharging me for maintaining my buy to let property – I don’t want to rock the boat or fall out with them because they look after a few of my properties but I would appreciate your advice in how I should tackle them?

First I would say don’t be afraid to ask the letting agent about this. Remember after all YOU are the client (I know that some letting agents don’t make it seem that way).

Ask them to submit a quote before any work is done in future so that you can agree the costs upfront. In the properties I have managed this has always been the case.

I’d suggest an informal call first, then write to them via email or a letter to confirm the conversation. Personally I prefer email as then I have a copy of what was sent and said on a certain date and time; then ask them to confirm your request.

Most letting agents are good people – but make sure they only do the work that they are supposed to be doing.