Dear Property Doctor,

I can’t reach my tenant. The mobile number is dead, I called at the property and pushed a note through the letterbox but I haven’t had any response. The rent isn’t overdue, but I need access to the property to carry out a 6 month inspection which is now 2 months overdue. What should I do?

This is quite a common problem and have experienced it quite a few times myself. If you have tried by putting a note through the door the next stage I’d recommend is sending a recorded delivery letter. This will do two key things

1. Let you know if someone has signed for the letter
2. If they don’t respond to your letter that they are avoiding you

In most cases the tenant will call you back. In the rare times they don’t I would perhaps speak to a solicitor to ask them to write a letter on your behalf – this will in 99% of the time do the trick. For the rare instances it does not then you might want to instruct a specialist property lawyer, especially if the rent starts becoming in arrears.