Proposed housing benefit reforms could spell disaster for youngsters

13 April 2012 Categories: News

Proposed housing benefit reforms could spell disaster for youngsters

Government officials are currently examining a proposal that would stop people under the age of 25 from claiming housing benefit. The proposal suggests that stopping the benefit for youngsters would save the government millions of pounds each year while also encouraging youngsters to stay living with their parents until they are fully established in long term employment.

Shelter, the London based charity for the homeless, say the plans to stop housing benefit for the under 25s is a sure-fire way to increase homelessness within the city though, as many landlords will become adverse to renting rooms to the under 25 age category.

The director of policy and campaigns at Shelter, Kay Boycott, commented on the planned changes saying; “At Shelter we know that many young people simply don’t have family and friends to fall back on if they lose their job, and rely on housing support to keep a roof over their head. If true, these proposals would leave thousands of vulnerable young people, many of whom may have experienced family breakdown or abuse, with nowhere else to go.

Currently any person under the age of 35 can claim single LHA payments to cover the cost of a room within a property, and it is this benefit that officials are proposing to scrap.