Repossession Property Websites – Are They Worth It?

There are hundreds of websites on the net that offer to provide buyers with the details of property repossessions in the UK. Virtually all of these sites charge a joining fee, and some charge an additional finder’s fee if you decide to purchase a property. The question is then are these websites worth using, and if so what type of information should they provide you with?

Are they worth the cost?

There’s no denying the fact that the majority of websites advertising repossessions in the UK are a good source of potential properties but some are a lot more reasonable in terms of fees than others. If you are thinking of subscribing to this particular type of website you don’t want to pay more than £30 to £40 per month for the service.

You should also check that your subscription is charged on a monthly or quarterly basis and that you don’t get tied into an annual contract. After all, if the site is doing its job and offering a good selection of repossessions in the UK it should only take you a few months to find what you’re looking for.

What type of information should the website provide?

Each website you come to will offer varying levels of information about property repossessions in the UK. If you are seriously considering the purchase of a repossession property then you’ll want to know as much information about the property as possible before even making an enquiry.

So, when deciding which website(s) to subscribe to keep the following questions in mind:

Does the website feature a good selection of property repossessions in the UK? There should be hundreds, if not thousands, of properties to choose from.

  •  Does each of the advertised properties have valuable information published alongside? You’ll want to know things like the true market value, the exact location of the property, the past sales history, average rental prices for the area, a guide price if the property is going to auction and an advertised price if being sold through an estate agent.
  •  Is there an up-to-date list of property auctions on the site? It’s all well and good advertising property repossessions in the UK but if the site doesn’t say where and when the properties are going to be sold it make life that little bit more difficult for you. You should also check how often the auction list, and in fact the repossession list is updated.
  •  Is there a section on the website that provides first-time buyers with advice, hints and tips for buying property repossessions in the UK, and maybe even for buying similar properties abroad?

 In Conclusion

 There are hundreds of property repossessions in the UK every month and while this is devastating for the homeowners it provides a great opportunity for you as a buy to let landlord. Research the available websites that advertise repossessions and choose just one or two to subscribe to. Hopefully you’ll only need the services of the site for a few months before you find the perfect rental property for your portfolio.