Shelter Lobbies for Longer Tenancies even though Tenants don’t want them

27 September 2012 Categories: News

Shelter Lobbies for Longer Tenancies even though Tenants don’t want them

The housing charity, Shelter, is currently backing a campaign to introduce 5 year tenancies to the private rental sector, in a bid to offer better stability to private tenants, but the results of a recent survey show this isn’t exactly what tenants want. The survey, conducted by SpareRoom in response to a call by Housing Voice, asked 1000 of their website users whether they would like to see the minimum tenancy increase from 6 months to 2 years. The results were overwhelmingly negative with 82% saying no, 10% saying yes and 8% staying neutral.

The director of SpareRoom, Matt Hutchinson, commented on the results of the survey saying “Extended contracts make people anxious, because they think they’ll be locked in for longer and the landlord will be able to increase rents at any point.

“Given that one of the benefits of renting is the flexibility to relocate to another area or a more suitable property if circumstances change, we can understand why people might be wary of longer contracts.”

He then went on to say “Flat sharers also voiced concerns that a 24-month tenancy could place further restrictions on the tenants landlords will accept as they seek to reduce their risk with stricter rules on deposits and guarantors. It is unclear whether the proponents of these changes have taken such factors into consideration.”