Short term Olympic landlords to be targeted by Gas Safety Register

05 May 2012 Categories: News

Short term Olympic landlords to be targeted by Gas Safety Register

The Gas Safety Register’s investigations team are going to be targeting short term rentals during the Olympic Games in a bid to weed out landlords who fail to have the safety of their gas appliances checked and certified. Homeowners in particular, who are hoping to make a healthy profit renting their property for the duration of the games, will be targeted as they are much more likely to overlook or disregard the gas safety laws.

Any property let to a paying tenant, regardless of the length of time it is let for, needs to have a Gas Safety certificate by law, but many Olympic Games landlords who choose to let their property independently of a letting agent will fail to take this requirement into account, either because they don’t know about it or because they don’t care about it.

Gas Safety’s chief executive Paul Johnston commented on the importance of the work done by the investigation team saying, “Following claims that landlords may not make as much money on short-terms lets as they had initially hoped, we are concerned that there may be some landlords scrimping on gas safety to save money.

“Some may also think that failing to do an annual check on gas appliances, or having a landlord’s gas safety record for a short-term rental isn’t that important. What they fail to realise is that these checks are legal requirements and are in place to save lives.”