Six in Ten Landlords Happy with Rental Income

02 September 2012 Categories: News

Six in Ten Landlords Happy with Rental Income

A new survey conducted by LSL Property Services, parent company to Reed Rains and Your Move, has shown that 60% of the responding landlords are presently happy with the rental incomes they are experiencing from their properties, and as a result they have no plans to increase rents further over the next 12 months. On the flip side however, the other 40% of landlords questioned for the survey said they did intend to increase their rents by an average of 4.5%.

Later questions in the survey revealed that the main reason for the planned rent increases was continued high levels of competition among tenants; a reason that was also given by 53% of respondents when asked if and why they think now is a good time to expand their portfolios.

Following the completion of the survey, director of LSL Property Services, David Newnes, commented on the results saying, “As long as lending to first-time buyers remains in the doldrums, and new house building remains subdued, we won’t see demand for rental accommodation tail off.

“In these conditions, while affordability may increasingly come into play as landlords set rents, they are far more likely to continue to rise than tumble in the coming 12 months,”