Struggling Tenants Turn To Debt Advice Charity for Help

06 June 2012 Categories: News

Struggling Tenants Turn To Debt Advice Charity for Help

According to the CCCS (Consumer Credit Counselling Service) the number of tenants contacting them for advice on rental issues, including growing rent arrears, has increased dramatically over the last 18 months, with more than 10,000 people asking for help during 2011. The actual figure was 27% higher than that for 2010 and it is thought a similar increase will occur during 2012.

The vast majority of people contacting the charity for advice are reported to be struggling to make their rent payments and the average owed by callers now stands at £760.

Even worse is that the same people are finding themselves with an average monthly income deficit of £82, indicating that individuals are now struggling to pay even their basic living expenses.

Statistics compiled by the CCCS during 2011 show that their callers experienced an average rental increase of 2.4% over the course of the year, and with rents expected to increase further this year the charity is bracing itself for the fallout.

The charity’s director of external affairs, Delroy Corinaldi, commented on the figures saying; “A very large number of people are struggling to keep up with their rent payments – and with rents near record highs, the problem is getting worse, not better. For many people, another rent hike will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”