New Tenant Accreditation Scheme Welcomed by Landlords

25 January 2012 Categories: News

A new countrywide accreditation scheme set to go live on March 1st will allowlandlordsto distinguish more easily the good from the bad when it comes to potential tenants. Private tenants around the UK will be given the opportunity to join the scheme which will work in much the same way as existing landlord and letting agent accreditation schemes.

Although landlords already have a number of tenant vetting methods available to them they can definitely benefit from one more. Any tenants that have been accredited by the new scheme can be looked at more favourably than those that haven’t and it may be that in the future some landlords choose to let their properties to accredited tenants only.

The scheme was piloted throughout 2011 in one of the most densely populated boroughs outside London; Southend-on-Sea. This borough also has a large private rental sector and was considered to be the perfect area to test the scheme, which is to be called UK TAS (UK Tenant Accreditation Scheme).

Stuart Burrell, one of Southend’s private rental sector enforcement officers said “In this competitive rental market, by completing the tenancy accreditation, it clearly shows that a tenant is willing to go the extra distance, not only to learn what is expected of them but to actively contribute towards a better understanding of the landlord and tenant relationship”.