Tenant Demand Remains High According to Private Landlords

28 March 2012 Categories: News

Tenant Demand Remains High According to Private Landlords

The latest results from Paragon’s quarterly survey, that assesses trends within the private rental sector, have been released this week and it seems the vast majority of private landlords have seen little or no reduction in the demand for their properties.

Only 7% of the landlords that responded to the survey thought the demand by tenants for properties fell during the first three months of this year. Nearly 45% said demand was continuing to rise while the rest of the respondents agreed that demand had stayed pretty stable with no real change either way.

These results are promising as it was thought by many that the upcoming end to the stamp duty holiday would have affected the demand for private rental properties, as more people entered the homeowner market.

When asked about their predictions for the rest of 2012 the surveyed landlords responded in much the same way, with 53% predicting a steady rise in demand and 36% predicting no real change.

The private rental sector is said to be in ‘small scale turmoil’ at present with the benefit shake-ups and reductions in LHA payments, so exactly what the coming 12 months hold for private landlords remains to be seen.