Tenant Demand is as High as Ever, says Upad

06 November 2012 Categories: News

Tenant Demand is as High as Ever, says Upad

Online self-letting agent, Upad, has reported a huge increase in the number of enquiries it receives about properties on the site per month. James Davis, founder of Upad, claims that the number of enquiries his staff receive per month amounts to around 20 per property, and that tenant demand is still exceptionally high with ‘far more tenants chasing far fewer properties’.

Mr Davis also commented that the number of enquiries received during September was double that of the start of the year, but as Rightmove’s rental stock had only fallen by 10% compared to September 2011 the increase in enquiries per property wasn’t due to a sudden fall in the number of properties available.

He also pointed out that room rents in larger properties were high on the list of tenant enquiries, saying “It’s interesting to see how tenants are trying to make savings. While living in a house-share with five other people isn’t necessarily ideal for many, rents are often lower and bills are split between the household, meaning that tenants will have more money in the bank every month.

“It’s easy to see why this is quickly becoming a favoured option for UK renters.”